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Adipex-p is an orally administered weight loss aide. This drug if thought to function by affecting the central nervous system. It is not known exactly how this medication functions on the body to cause weight lose, however possible theories are that it causes appetite suppression, increases the amount of energy the body uses, or by affecting different areas of your brain related to food and appetite. 
Dosages are based in accordance with each individual's specific weight loss needs, and it is generally recommended to start out at the lowest effective dose and increase from there if the desired results are not seen. The usual adult dose is one, 37.5mg tablet or capsule, to be administered once daily, generally in the morning. For some people, splitting the tablet and taking two doses throughout the day achieves better results. Adipex-p is an extended release tablet; this means that the medication slowly releases in small dosages throughout the day instead of in one large amount. Taking your dosage in the morning can also help if you are experiencing insomnia related side effects.

Adipex-p will work most efficiently in the long-term when combined with a dietary and exercise regime. This drug has not been approved for those under 16 years of age, and is not recommended for extended use in adults. Chemically dependency is a possible result with prolonged use and tolerance generally develops after several weeks of usage.

Adipex-p is generally only prescribed when the benefits of losing weight outweigh the possible negative side effects. These can include lung or heart problems and has been known to cause serious allergic and sometimes fatal allergic reactions in some patients. The likelihood of these serious side effects are increased when Adipex-p is combined with other weight loss supplements. Due to the possible serious side effects that may occur when taking this substance, it is recommended that you continue to follow up with a healthcare provider while continuing to take this medication. Those who are pregnant or nursing are also not recommended to take Adipex-p as it may be passed on in the breast milk.

This class of drug is type of stimulant, similar in chemical makeup to an amphetamine. Therefore, you may notice that a common side effect of usage is a jittery or antsy feeling. Other common side effects reported include racing heartbeat and insomnia.

Due to its similarities with amphetamines, Adipex-p has been known to be abused by those seeking drugs. For this reason, Adipex-p is not classified as a controlled substance and can only be legally obtained with a prescription from a doctor.

Buy Adipex-P 37.5mg

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